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New Year New You


For many of us, the new year represents a new start.

What if you looked at yourself as a year long project? In whatever area of your life you want to improve or grow in. I'll speak about the body.

Things take time...and hard work.

"There's nothing wrong with things taking time"

I think we live in a society that is so quickly (instantly) gratified with just about everything. Or at least, we live in a world where that is expected everywhere and from everyone. Everything is happening so fast all the time; our phones, our internet, the navigation getting us to our destination via the quickest route, waiting for social media apps to notify us of everything, wondering why someone didn't respond right away to a text, or why they didn't return the call, tv on demand, Netflix and Hulu or whatever your multiple streaming platforms of choice are, fast food, or quick and easy food (rather than preparing and planning for food), etc etc....

When is comes to the body, whether it be shaping, cleansing, conquering pain or healing in general - It takes time... no, better said IT NEEDS TIME.

Our bodies are absolutely intense machines that are both self-healing and self-regulating but also needing and responding to the external world outside of itself. It's a living organism that takes time to grow, repair & recover.

Important Essentials:

Food - body needs NOURISHMENT

Water - body needs hydration to function

Sun & Fresh Air - body needs Vitamin D among other powerful benefits of being in the sunlight

Ground - body needs to connect with earth and with people. The energetic frequency of the earth and of people is powerful.

*Tip walk or stand barefoot in the dirt, sand, grass etc. every day even if for only a precious few moments. Hug another human(s) at least 12x a day.

Movement - body craves MOVEMENT. This has become my favorite aspects of body love and self-care and transformation.

Here at the end of January 2020, this is my wish for you -

fall in love with YOU.

You are all you've got your whole life (read that again). Wherever you go, there you are. Your body needs care and consideration - we demand so much from our bodies and our phycological experience also impacts our brain body connection. It takes work and time to uncover hidden patterns, correct them, and maintain personal optimal levels of physical and mental health for a life time.

This is a daily choice (sometimes moment by moment). There's nothing magical about a new year or a new month or a new week.

Tomorrow starts today. Next month starts now.

Commit to yourself, your goals, your dreams and your expectations for yourself - BODY MIND & SPIRIT.

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a few places to start...

*Breathe, Inhale - Exhale. Grant yourself grace first.

*Then look... with open eyes and an open heart

*What are the imbalances in my life that you are no longer willing to tolerate?

*Why have I tolerated or not prioritized it?

*Let that go - like really let it go - it doesn't serve me.

*Reach out to people you know... Health professionals, holistic health experts, ask questions...

*Form your tribe - I call this my wellness tribe. I personally have a Chiropractor, 2x Massage & Bodywork Masters (back up therapists to those guys incase I get been seen when I need it), Private Yoga Instructor (for form correction and brain body connection training ), Personal Trainer (for form correction), a Naturopath, Nutritionist, Yoga Studio and lots of friends and social media influencers who give my creativity and encouragement on my journey.

*Form a plan, and start...THERE IS NO FINISH - not until you're dead.

If you fail in your expectations or commitments in the moment - no punishment please! just keep moving, breathing, drinking water, and eating the next meal.

This thing called life is a long process and journey - It takes time. Give yourself the gift of one year, one season, one month, one day, one hour, one decision at a time. Take yourself on!

"When we operate from a place of being taken care of and whole, the world opens up - the impact we can make for ourselves and others is multiplied beyond our comprehension."